Mission & Vision

Our mission is what Jesus gave his followers; to Make, Teach & Send disciples for the glory of God.

Making Disciples

We envision a church that is passionate about Making Disciples:

• A church where every worship service and ministry event creates a Christ-connection for people by telling them the timeless Gospel of the cross.

• A church where engaging people with the Gospel through relationships in our daily lives and in the marketplace is "mission critical" for every Christian.

• A church where becoming a disciple begins with trusting Christ and continues to learning the essential truths of Christianity, and putting  faith into action by being baptized and growing in the experience of Christian community, worship and ministry.

Teaching Disciples

We envision a church that is passionate about Teaching Disciples:

• A church where every ministry is committed to discipleship and every person sees themselves as a disciple.

• A church where everything we do, on the platform or in our programs, involves clear and passionate Gospel centered Bible teaching.

• A church where our worship seeks to reflect the Word of God.

• A church where we aim to exalt His truth and call forth His power through passionate prayer.  

• A church where every believer can discover deep Biblical truths, learn to defend their faith and reproduce this knowledge in others.

• A church where we work to create clear gateways for anyone to discover and pursue their God-designed ministry pathway so that people bear real spiritual fruit in life-giving contexts of prayer-empowered Christian community.

Sending Disciples

We envision a church that is passionate about Sending Disciples:

• A church that encourages and equips people at all ages and stages of their life to discern the further call of God upon their lives for ministry.  

• A church that will continually send out humble, called and qualified people into professional or volunteer ministry in Spokane, the USA, and around the world.

• A church that will intentionally partner with sister-churches in other people-groups worldwide to help their leaders develop and their ministries thrive.

• A church where we cultivate a "Shared Missions Culture", in which global outreach is ingrained in every one of its ministries and communities.

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