Membership in a local church draws us closer to God. It provides an opportunity to understand the core values of the church. Membership creates a common bond, provides encouragement and accountability, enhances our relationships, and creates opportunities to serve Christ.

Membership Process

If you are interested in membership be sure to contact the church office and let us know, or you can just fill in the connect request below and one of our pastors will get right back to you! We can tell you when the next class will be offered. Additionally you can receive a packet of information that will be discussed in the membership class.

Membership Class

The membership class is offered periodically during the Christian Life Class time frame on Sunday mornings 9:15-10:15. It is a two week long class that covers what we believe and how we operate. It's a chance just to learn more...or to explore a long term relationship with us if you're ready. 

Personal Testimony

After the two week class there is an opportunity to share your testimony with some of the elders. This is done in a group setting and is always encouraging to hear other people's stories.

Six Months To Get To Know Us

We ask that someone attend our church for six months before becoming a member. This helps people get to know our church before committing as members. However, you can take the class at any time.

Affirmation Of Membership

The final step is to present new members to the Church on a Sunday morning. We introduce you to the congregation and there is an official congregational moment to affirm and welcome you.

Contact a Pastor about membership.