get connected

Church Center is a service we will use along side our current website and app to better connect you and the people of our church family! This service is a great resource for both church attenders and members to have quick access to volunteer opportunities as well as a church directory, which anyone can opt into, putting names to faces.

Check in and out of events.

Parents can pre-select the family members they want to check in before they even arrive. All they have to do to check in or out is scan the security code on their phones!

Find friends (and remember names) in the digital directory.

No more spiral-bound paper directories—everyone can access each other’s approved contact information, and family photo!
People can be sure their information is up-to-date by editing their own profiles and household details, and adjust their privacy settings.

See their event and volunteer schedules and requests in one place.

People can see all the events they signed up for or bookmarked, along with their volunteer schedule, all in the Me tab of their Church Center account.
Volunteers can also respond to scheduling requests, and group members can see any incoming RSVP requests from their leaders.

Ready to get Started?

Simply Download the app, search for Valley 4th Church and your ready to take advantage of this new service that will better connect you to the people and needs of the church.