Youth Summer camp

June 24-28, 2019

Youth Summer Camp is open to students entering 6th grade through graduated high school seniors. The cost is $225 though May 31. On June 1st the price goes up to $250. Scholarships are available for students who may need one. To apply for a scholarship complete the form a the bottom of this page. 

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Apply for Scholarship

Scholarships are available for all children/youth events and camps. Scholarships are not intended to be used as discounts. Scholarships will be used based on financial need that would hinder a student from attending an event or camp. Generally, scholarships will not exceed 50% of the cost of an event or camp. Any exceptions to this rule will be reviewed and discussed by event/camp planner and church administrator. If fundraisers are planned prior to the event or camp, then students must participate in the planned fundraiser. Failure to participate in fundraising can decrease the amount of a scholarship or prevent a scholarship from being awarded. Every student who receives a scholarship will be required to write a thank you letter after the event or camp. A template for the thank you letter will be provided. The letter may be sent signed or unsigned if anonymity is desired. Failure to complete a thank you letter may result in loss of future scholarship opportunities. All information collected from scholarship application will be kept confidential.