Global outreach

Giving to Missions at Valley Fourth

Valley Fourth Church is committed to supporting almost 20 full time missionaries. Watch this short video to find out how giving to missions works.

Global Outreach Message

Watch this message that Gene Arnold gave at Valley Fourth on October 21, 2018 during our global outreach week. You will learn and be encouraged.

Lead the Cause Youth Evangelism Conference

Lead THE Cause is a summer intensive that makes disciples who are passionate about the lost, know the gospel message and can relationally share it with others.

  • Participate in small and large group training sessions developed to help them relationally share the gospel and multiply disciples.
  • Share the Gospel one-on-one with unbelievers in your city.
  • Create an intentional strategy for spreading the Gospel at home.
  • Develop practical skills and witnessing approaches to help instill confidence and passion for sharing their faith while developing them into leaders who can train others.

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:18-20

World missions has been a passion point for Valley Fourth Church since our beginnings as a church plant from downtown Fourth Memorial Church in 1972. From our first year of existence, we have committed ourselves to developing and sending forth men and women for high-impact roles in world missions as a priority.

Today we contribute significant financial and personal/logistical support to 20 different missionary individuals or couples ministering in the United States and around the world.

We've also developed a strong history of impact through the sending of short-term ministry  teams into two largely unreached parts of the world: Indonesia, through our development of a church among the Hewa  people, and in the Eastern European country of Slovenia, where we have assisted in the planting of a church and the development of evangelistic ministry to students. Our Slovenia work is our current focus through annual team efforts. 

Our short-term ministry vision is set to expand with our latest planned short-term ministry for high school students to conduct urban ministry in Washington DC.

Finally, we have a history of partnering with local ministry organizations to make a missions impact in our city and beyond.

Our vision is only beginning… And it will get better as you join us!

Trip to Haiti
Mission Aviation
Kisar Bible Dedication 2009

Our Missionaries

Because of the sensitive nature of our ministry work, not all of our Outreach Teams are listed.  Please visit our Global Outreach Alcove in the outer foyer for more information on all of our Global Outreach Teams!

Gene & Jen Arnold

Mission Aviation Fellowship
Spokane, Washington
Click here to learn more

Barbara Berreman

Indian Bible College
Flagstaff, Arizona
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Doug & Adele Cady

CRU - Jesus Film Project
Orlando, Florida

John & Sylvia Christenson

SIL - Wycliffe Bible Translators

Carmen DeVries

Goroka, Papua New Guinea
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Bruce & Wendy DeVries

Mission Aviation Fellowship
Spokane, Washington
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Terry & Michelle Dryden

Gospel For Asia
Carrollton, Texas

Jonathan & Quyne

Wycliffe Bible Translators
Serving oversees

Dave Gallaugher

Greater Europe Mission
Barcelona, Spain

Dwight & Sarah Hires

Northern Lights Ministries

Jonathan & Susan Kopf

Papua New Guinea
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Carol McNinch

New Tribes Missions
Papua New Guinea

Mike & Rebecca Navratil

Wycliffe Bible Translators - JAARS
Waxhaw, North Carolina
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Ryan & Jenny Dawson

MPAS - Mission Padamo Aviation & Support

Ryan & Diana Smyth

West Field, Massachusetts
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Tom & Elly Streeter

Trans World Radio
Cary, North Carolina
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Beth Taylor

Child Evangelism Fellowship
Spokane Valley, Washington

Chris & Ashley Wick

Josiah Venture
Radovlijica, Slovenia
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Nicole Cogan

Ethnos 360
Papua New Guinea
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