the shared table

The Shared Table is a monthly dinner group that meets during the summer. The purpose of these groups is to encourage and foster new and deeper relationships with other people in the church. Singles, couples, families, new comers and long time attenders will connect over a casual meal.
How does it work?
All you need to do is sign up and then wait to hear from us. We will assign reasonable sized groups with a willing host. You can anticipate 3 different shared meals throughout the summer.

How often will the groups meet?

Groups will meet 3-4 times during the months of June, July, and August

Can I sign up with my friends?

No, the purpose of these groups is to meet new people. You can invite your friends over anytime.

What about children?

Children and families are welcomed. Make sure to sign up for a kid friendly group..

What if I have dietary restrictions?

The host of each group will check with you and make the necessary accommodations.

What kind of food will there be?

It depends on the host. It could be a home cooked meal, potluck style, or even catered.

What does it mean to be a host?

Being a host means that you are willing to coordinate with your group and set up the first meal date. The host will see who else in the group would like to host a meal.

The Shared Table Signup

Sign up by June 9th, 2019