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Area One: Ministry Minimums

·      Enhance Children's Ministries (Reconfigure current staff assignments, hire Director of Children's Ministries part-time, review and redesign Children’s Ministries)

·      Enhance Childcare ministry-wide (Hire a Coordinator of Childcare part-time, allocate funding for workers, enhance development of volunteers)

·      Enhance Small Group ministries (Hire Pastor of Community full-time, develop a new vision for Home Groups that folds into our mission, increase engagement in Home Groups by more members in our congregation)


Area Two: Movement Toward Mission Objectives (Making, Teaching, Sending)


·      Hire Pastor of Community to spearhead outreach development.

·      Employ a strategy to increase visitor-friendly operations, relationships, and an outreach mentality congregation-wide.

·      Develop and deliver a personal method of evangelism, including materials and training, to members and attenders congregation-wide.


o   Develop and execute multiple outreach events during the year.

o   Determine and encourage strategic, balanced involvement with community ministry organizations conducting outreach into our city.



·      Choose and implement suitable short-term discipleship processes for men, women, and teens.

·      Develop a process to discover attendees’ spiritual gifting, create a database of volunteers, and connect people to ministry involvement.

·      Design and deliver event-based or short term classroom/e-learning experiences designed to deepen people in doctrine and Christian living.


o   Develop and deliver a systematic process of ongoing leadership training for key ministry lay leaders congregation-wide.

o   Acquire and deliver an apologetics training program to strengthen the walk of the believers in outreach and discipleship.


·     Complete the reset and relaunch of our Short-term Missions Program, including the completion of one short-term trip in 2017.

o   Establish a vision and a plan with target dates to teach and develop Pastoral Leaders in an overseas context, choose at least one church/people group to target and at least one strategic partnership organization to assist us.


o   Establish a plan to discover and develop new (future) missionary partners (units), with a priority placed on those bound for overseas ministry.

o   Establish a plan to streamline the number of missionaries we support in the future, increase the allocation of funds to those that we partner with, and improve the accountability of all missions ministry partners.