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Growing deeper in life changing ministry

Hearing Christ’s heart of love for those who don’t yet know Him is part of the experience of every true Christian.

Here at Valley 4th we are passionate about responding to that call through worldwide global evangelism and community outreach. We strive to fulfill the Great Commission that God has placed on the life of every born again believer. By God’s grace, you can join us as we respond together here and around the world by reaching out in the space of our everyday lives. We do this through preaching which places an emphasis on evangelism, by regularly promoting missions conferences and outreach events, supporting more than 20 full time pastors, teachers and support professionals working around the world, and through the short term outreach/support teams that we send out each year.


Take a look at just a partial list of our ongoing outreach:

  • Valley Fourth Food Pantry - Feeds up to three hundred local families a month, all in the Name of the True Bread of Life.... Jesus of Nazareth.
  • Stephen Ministries - Offering emotional support and encouragement to those dealing with grief, pain or loss throughout the Spokane area.
  • Something 2 Eat - Our Youth Ministry’s current effort to mobilize people and funding to feed 10,000 people citywide and world wide this year.
  • Our Short Term Mission Trips - Our annual commitment to send out teams that touch the lives of children and teens in Slovenia and spread hope in Papua New Guinea.
  • Our Global Outreach Partners - Our team of over 20 pastors, teachers, administrators and support professionals serving in Gospel ministry worldwide. 
  • Here at Valley Fourth, there are lots of opportunities to explore God’s call on your life. Get involved and expand your vision!

Learn more about our outreach opportunities at our Global Outreach Center in the lobby immediately after service.

Reaching out with the love of Christ. Fulfilling the Great Commission.